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The was founded in 2013 by Michelyn Hood Tinor. is an on-line web show that spotlights the stories of some of the best people in Pittsburgh. tells the many great stories of small business owners, entrepreneurs and philanthropic projects that are doing some really great things in the city of Pittsburgh. Our goal is to bring awareness to Pittsburgh’s most talented leaders who represent an overall spirit of success. operates as a non-profit entity giving back in every way that we can! This social impact project helps to build bridges between diverse neighborhoods and people resulting in more just, positive and diverse media portrayls of innovators, leaders and hereos in our Pittsburgh communities.

We love to see the best brought to light! Michelyn Hood Tinor’s candid and energetic interview style will give you an inside view of the lives, struggles and accomplishments of our city’s hottest movers and shakers. We talk to innovative start-up business owners as well as individuals that have been making a positive impact in the Greater Pittsburgh Area for many years.

We are building a community of success where we all can help and learn from each other. We want to make Pittsburgh the most livable city for everyone! We hope to see you in the Pgh Spotlight soon!

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