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Your support means everything to us. Its your commitment and donation that makes it possible to continuously share the faces and stories of the talented people in the Pittsburgh region. The platform  brings awareness to
diverse people in Pittsburgh who serve their community in an impactful and positive manner; in turn helping to create more positive public media narratives. We hope to create a more just, equtible and diverse Pittsburgh communities through sharing positive media stories that help to shape our culture as a city. We also keep volunteerism at the core of our mission, giving back to local neighborhood businesses and partnering with local non profits such as Steel Town Entertainment Project.

We Accept all donations through our strategic partnership with NEW SUN RISING.

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New Sun Rising Mission:

Since 2005, hundreds of individuals, organizations, and funders have worked with New Sun Rising to launch nonprofit projects, social businesses, and economic development initiatives throughout the Pittsburgh region. They deliver the following programs to support fresh, creative solutions to social problems that are more effective, efficient, and/or sustainable than what currently exists.